AmaSoy - Delectable Organic Japanese Beancurd幼少の記憶が蘇る、懐かしのお婆ちゃん自慢のぷりん。口の中でとろける豊かな豆乳の純粋な風味をお届けしたく、ここに再現しました。Ama means Sweets in Japanese and also Grandmother in Chinese Dialect.Our founder stumbled upon the delicious Tounyu Soy Beancurd reminiscent of Singapore Soy Beancurd during her stay in Japan, and the taste reminded her of the memories when she was growing up with her grandma in meager conditions. One of her fondest childhood memories was that of her beloved Ama and herself sharing a laugh and listening to her life stories while savouring a delicious bowl of soy beancurd, a humble dessert but yet what a bowl of luxury it was to them at that point of time. Those memories and the delectable taste of the bean curd invoked her to go on a mission to replicate that mouth-watering bowl of soya goodness she tasted in Japan and in sweet memory of her Ama.The recipe for AmaSoy was created after countless experiments by our Japanese Chef using his intimate knowledge of Japanese Cuisine to ensure the perfect balance of ultrasmooth texture, delicate flavour and delicious taste of AmaSoy. At AmaSoy, we aim to please with our tantalizing beancurd made fresh daily, along with an exciting medley of Japanese toppings and flavours of the traditional and new.
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