Franchise Opportunities with Ministry of FoodMaking Every Franchise a Success!MOF and YouMOF is seeking people for Franchise OwnershipWe are dedicated to make every franchise successful! At MOF, we treat our franchisees as business partners, and are committed in going the extra miles to make them successful. We are selective in our recruitment process because successful franchise partners will make MOF’s business and name grow even faster. This is why we are on the lookout for potential franchise partners who have the following personality attributes: Highly motivated and having the extra drive. A strong and unwavering desire to succeed. A positive attitude in not accepting failure or being second best.The following work experience would serve as an advantage: . Management in F&B industry. . Leadership and motivational skills. . An ability to manage finances. . A commitment to Customer Service. . An attitude to continuously learn and improve. . Creativity to generate win-win ideas or solutions.MOF Wants To Be Your Partner!1. A chance to own and run your business with our training and support.2. The opportunity to be an innovator of a new restaurant concept or food recipe.3. Comprehensive support in the areas of operations, advertising, location, interior design, restaurant start up, equipment purchase, and sourcing and purchasing. Accounting and HR services are add-on services that can be offered if required. 4. Personal satisfaction as a business owner of a highly successful franchise outlet.5. Personal growth, business knowledge and business contacts from your experience as a franchisee.MOF Franchise System – Why Choose MOF?MOF is known to be one of the fastest growing F&B players, not only in Singapore, but regionally. Here are some highlights for our potential franchisees to explore.MOF’s FEATURES Modern and refreshing restaurant concept with unique taste. Comprehensive menu with a wide variety of Signature Dishes and Desserts (example: Avocado Toufu Salad, Hot Stone Unagi Rice, Seafood Cold Ramen, Macha Imo, just to name a few). More than one million Imo (Japanese Sweet Potato) sold in Singapore, making us the No.1 seller of Japanese Desserts!MOF’s TARGET MARKETBusiness Lunch – Quick set lunch promotion that changes daily and are highly popular with executives.Families – Our menu contains a variety of choices that are fresh, tasty, and affordable. Children love our Kiddy Set Meals and especially our Ice Cream.Students – Affordable prices for main menu and special discounts during off-peak period.MOF Citizen Membership Programme – More than 15,000 members of MOF enjoying immediate discount as well as rebates off the next meal.TRAINING PROGRAMMEWe will provide our franchisees with a comprehensive 4-week training programme at one of our restaurant outlets. The training covers all aspects of operating an MOF restaurant outlet, including Food preparation and techniques Operational procedures Sales and Marketing strategies Human resource management Accounting management Inventory controlFRANCHISE SUPPORT Periodic franchisee meetings and regular store visits. Reach out to more than 15,000 membership database instantaneously. Qualified suppliers and proven recipes. Branding & Marketing: We provide a full coverage of promotional activities throughout the calendar year, focused on driving sales and brand awareness. Buying Power – as part of MOF’s family, our franchisees will benefit from better negotiated rates with suppliers. FIND OUT MORETo get detailed informations about MOF franchise system and applications, please contact :Director of New Franchise DevelopmentsMinistry Of Food Pte Ltd82 Playfair Road #08-01 D"LithiumS"pore 368001E-mail:
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