Lena Sim - Founder

Singapore entrepreneur Lena Sim, founder and owner of the Ministry of Food restaurant chain, has grown the group from 1 to 15 brands and more in a short span of 10 years. Starting with one humble Japanese restaurant, MOF now comprises 80 restaurants across Southeast Asia with more than 70 in Singapore and growing.

Sim was not born with a silver spoon. After putting herself through university, she bravely entered the food business starting at an old Japanese teahouse, Azabu Sabo. With her astute business acumen and knowledge of good food, she worked her way from the bottom up to eventually become a partner and regional director, before successfully launching the brand in Hong Kong and Singapore. She subsequently left Azabu Sabo to start Ministry of Food.

The Group now curate brands such as My izakaya, Japanese Sweets & Coffee, Ju Hao Xiao Long Bao, Lenas, Dolce Tokyo, Insadong Korea Town, Tensho, Daessiksin Korean Barbeque Buffet and Danro Japanese Collagen Hotpot Buffet. More exciting dining concepts will be launched in 2019. The regional presence with Singapore as the headquarters, span Vietnam and Malaysia, with plans to expand to the United Kingdom, USA, Thailand, Taiwan and Myanmar.

As long as you have the passion in place, the discipline, nothing is impossible.